Lab Syringe Filters

The high-quality polypropylene filter membrane is equipped with a shell, and each filter is clearly printed with pore size and membrane type information. Sterile syringe filters are mainly used for the preparation of tissue culture media in life science experiments, sterilization and filtration of buffers and other biological solutions, etc

Syringe filters are important consumables for sample pretreatment during HPLC and IC analysis in the laboratory. Low protein binding syringe filter can filter sample solutions, remove particulate contaminants, and protect the instrument. As a convenient and reliable filter tool that is routinely used in laboratories, the lab syringe filters facilitate the simplification of experimental operation steps and can greatly improve work efficiency.

The low protein binding syringe filter by Hawach Scientific is divided into three series, Syringe filters, Disposable syringe filters, and STERILE syringe filters. We provide high-quality and reasonable price lab syringe filters. Syringe filters adopt membranes imported from Germany and the United States. Disposable Syringe Filter adopt membrane products from domestic advanced suppliers. Sterile Syringe Filter adopt sterile membranes. Sterile syringe filters can be used for solution sterilization or clarifying sterile solutions, while disposable syringe filters are used for general filtration and sample purification.

Size commonly used syringe filters are 4mm, 13mm, 25mm, and 33mm. The selection of syringe filter specifications is usually related to the volume of the sample: usually when the sample volume is less than 1mL, a 4mm diameter syringe filter is used; the sample volume is between 1- When the sample volume is 10mL, use a 13mm diameter syringe filter; when the sample volume is 10-100mL, use a 25mm diameter syringe filter; when the sample volume is 10-200mL, use a 33mm diameter syringe filter.

For gas sterilization filtration: The filter membrane should be a hydrophobic membrane or a filter such as PTFE/GF/PVDF syringe filters. For clarification and pre-filtration: filter membrane materials such as GF/PP syringe filters. For particle removal: syringe filters materials such as PTFE, PP, CA, Nylon, PES, PVDF. The pore size selection is mostly above 1.0 micron. For sterile Filtration: PTFE, PP, CA, Nylon, PES, PVDF syringe filters. Aperture selection 0.1um/0.22um/0.45um.