0.22 CA sterile Syringe Filter for HPLC
0.45 CA sterile Syringe Filter for HPLC
CA sterile Syringe Filters

Sterile CA syringe filters

Hawach sterile CA syringe filters autoclave at 121°C at 1 bar for 20 minutes/EO/Gamma. Each syringe filter is individually packaged and suitable for high sterilization requirements.
The housing material of the CA syringe filter is made of high-quality sanitary polypropylene material, and the product structure is precisely designed to ensure smooth filtration, rationalization of the internal space, and very low residual rate, thereby reducing the waste of samples.

CA syringe filter made from cellulose acetate membrane, which has many characteristics suitable for use as an enzyme carrier and latex particle encapsulation analysis or as a pre-filter. Ultra-high strength can withstand high-strength operation or use with automated equipment without breaking or tearing. Low extractant ensures clean test and consistent results. Hydrophilicity can wet quickly without wetting agents that may interfere with biological processes. All batches are consistent. The quality check ensures that the flow rate and diffusion rate remain stable, and reliable results are obtained every time.

They are also called the HPLC syringe filter mainly used for sample prefiltration, clarification and removal of particles, and sterilization and filtration of liquids and gases. It is the method of choice for filtering small samples of HPLC and GC.

Features of Sterile CA Syringe Filters

•25mm and 13mm syringe filters can meet most of the sterile filtration experiments of small-batch samples
•Low protein binding
•Superior strength and stability
Sterile syringe filter

Applications of Sterile CA Syringe Filters

•Cell culture
•Salt solutions
•Buffer solutions
•Protein and enzyme filtration
•Sterile filtration of low volume samples
•Clarification of aqueous and alcohol solutions
•Biological sample preparation
•Nitrate free, suitable for groundwater filtration
•HPLC samples containing low solid content - filtration will improve column life
Hydrophilic syringe filters, suitable for aqueous solution treatment
Technical Data
Filter Media Sterile Cellulose Acetate
Pore Size, μm 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.8μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm
Diameter 4mm 13mm 25mm 33mm 50mm
Housing Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP
Filtration Area 0.2cm2 1.3cm2 4.9cm2 8.5cm2 19.8cm2
Maximum Pressure 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar
Process Volume 2mL 10mL 100mL 200mL 5000mL
Hold-up Volume < 10μL < 50μL < 100μL < 200μL < 350μL
Inlet Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock  Both inlet and outlet is 7-13mm stepped hose barb connection with 6:100 Luer slip
Outlet Male luer slip Male luer slip Male luer slip Male luer slip
Flow Direction Flow should enter from the inlet Both is fine
Maximum Operating Temperature 60℃
Sterilization Gamma Irradiation
Endotoxin ≦0.25 EU/ML

Instruction Drawing
syringe filters analysis chart
Ordering Information
Item Code Pore Size(μm) Diameter(mm) Sterile Pre-filter Quantity/pk
SLCA0410S 0.10 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA0422S 0.22 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA0445S 0.45 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA0480S 0.80 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA04100S 1.0 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA04300S 3.0 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA04500S 5.0 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA1310S 0.10 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA1322S 0.22 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA1345S 0.45 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA1380S 0.80 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA13100S 1.0 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA13300S 3.0 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA13500S 5.0 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA1310SP 0.10 13 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA1322SP 0.22 13 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA1345SP 0.45 13 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA1380SP 0.80 13 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA13100SP 1.0 13 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA13300SP 3.0 13 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA13500SP 5.0 13 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA1310SG 0.10 13 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA1322SG 0.22 13 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA1345SG 0.45 13 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA1380SG 0.80 13 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA13100SG 1.0 13 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA13300SG 3.0 13 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA13500SG 5.0 13 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA2510S 0.10 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA2522S 0.22 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA2545S 0.45 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA2580S 0.80 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA25100S 1.0 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA25300S 3.0 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA25500S 5.0 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLCA2510SP 0.10 25 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA2522SP 0.22 25 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA2545SP 0.45 25 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA2580SP 0.80 25 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA25100SP 1.0 25 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA25300SP 3.0 25 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA25500SP 5.0 25 Yes PP 100pcs
SLCA2510SG 0.10 25 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA2522SG 0.22 25 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA2545SG 0.45 25 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA2580SG 0.80 25 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA25100SG 1.0 25 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA25300SG 3.0 25 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA25500SG 5.0 25 Yes GF 100pcs
SLCA3310S 0.10 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLCA3322S 0.22 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLCA3345S 0.45 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLCA3380S 0.80 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLCA33100S 1.0 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLCA33300S 3.0 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLCA33500S 5.0 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLCA3310SP 0.10 33 Yes PP 50pcs
SLCA3322SP 0.22 33 Yes PP 50pcs
SLCA3345SP 0.45 33 Yes PP 50pcs
SLCA3380SP 0.80 33 Yes PP 50pcs
SLCA33100SP 1.0 33 Yes PP 50pcs
SLCA33300SP 3.0 33 Yes PP 50pcs
SLCA33500SP 5.0 33 Yes PP 50pcs
SLCA3310SG 0.10 33 Yes GF 50pcs
SLCA3322SG 0.22 33 Yes GF 50pcs
SLCA3345SG 0.45 33 Yes GF 50pcs
SLCA3380SG 0.80 33 Yes GF 50pcs
SLCA33100SG 1.0 33 Yes GF 50pcs
SLCA33300SG 3.0 33 Yes GF 50pcs
SLCA33500SG 5.0 33 Yes GF 50pcs
SLCA3310S 0.10 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLCA5022S 0.22 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLCA5045S 0.45 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLCA5080S 0.80 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLCA50100S 1.0 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLCA50300S 3.0 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLCA50500S 5.0 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLCA5010SP 0.10 50 Yes PP 25pcs
SLCA5022SP 0.22 50 Yes PP 25pcs
SLCA5045SP 0.45 50 Yes PP 25pcs
SLCA5080SP 0.80 50 Yes PP 25pcs
SLCA50100SP 1.0 50 Yes PP 25pcs
SLCA50300SP 3.0 50 Yes PP 25pcs
SLCA50500SP 5.0 50 Yes PP 25pcs
SLCA5010SG 0.10 50 Yes GF 25pcs
SLCA5022SG 0.22 50 Yes GF 25pcs
SLCA5045SG 0.45 50 Yes GF 25pcs
SLCA5080SG 0.80 50 Yes GF 25pcs
SLCA50100SG 1.0 50 Yes GF 25pcs
SLCA50300SG 3.0 50 Yes GF 25pcs
SLCA50500SG 5.0 50 Yes GF 25pcs