PP sterile Syringe Filters
0.22 PP sterile Syringe Filter for Lab
0.45 PP sterile Syringe Filter for HPLC

Sterile Polypropylene Syringe Filters

The Polypropylene syringe filter uses a hydrophobic polypropylene membrane, which has stable physical and chemical properties, good compatibility, low protein adsorption, and is suitable for filtration of aqueous solutions and most solvents. It is commonly used to filter biological samples, solvents, deionized water, and reduce biological load.

Sterile Polypropylene syringe filters is a fast, convenient and reliable small-volume sample filtration processing device that is routinely used in laboratories. PP syringe filter is mainly used for pre-filtration of samples, sterilization filtration of laboratory biological fluids, culture media and media additives. Hawach sterile Polypropylene syringe filters autoclave at 121°C at 1 bar for 20 minutes/EO/Gamma.

PP syringe filter has high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, and resistance to a variety of organic solvents and acid and alkali corrosion. In addition to being corroded by concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, 10 um syringe filter is relatively stable to other chemical reagents.

Each syringe filter is individually packaged and suitable for high sterilization requirements. These filters are widely used in biological, medical and other fields. Sterile Polypropylene syringe filter is widely used in laboratories. Syringe filter 5 micron, 10 micron syringe filter is widely used for sample prefiltration, clarification and removal of particles, liquid and gas sterilization filtration. 10 um syringe filter is an ideal method for filtering small samples of HPLC and GC. 5 micron, 10 micron syringe filter is often used with disposable syringes.

Features of Sterile Polypropylene Syringe Filter

•Hydrophobic PP syringe filter
•Contains natural hydrophilic membrane
5 micron syringe filter, 10 micron syringe filter all have the fast flow rates
•Syringe filter 5 micron have high solvent resistance
•10 micron syringe filter have wide chemical compatibility
•Gamma ray disinfection and sterilization (more thorough and safer)
•Provides large pore size filter that high flow rate, like 10 micron syringe filter, 5 micron syringe filter
•Syringe filter 5 micron have low adsorption to large molecular proteins
•Pore size: 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.65μm, 0.8μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm, 10 um syringe filter
•5 micron syringe filter have wide compatibility with organic solvents
•Luer Lock inlet tip makes secures connections & avoid blow off
•The easy-to-tear sticker is individually packaged
•Unique white and easy-to-open outer box design, not easy to pollute

Applications of Sterile Polypropylene Syringe Filters

•Ion chromatography
•Inorganic ion analysis
•Aromatic and chlorinated solvents
•Aqueous or organic solvent filtration
•HPLC sample preparation requiring low detection levels
•Incompatible with Hexane, benzene, limited resistance to dichloromethane and chloroform
•Hydrophobic PP membrane is particularly good for gas filtration.
Technical Data
Filter Media Sterile Polypropylene
Pore Size, μm 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.65μm, 0.8μm, 1μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10.0μm
Diameter 4mm 13mm 25mm 33mm 50mm
Housing Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP
Filtration Area 0.2cm2  1.3cm2 4.9cm2 8.5cm2 19.8cm2
Maximum Pressure 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar
Process Volume 2mL 10mL 100mL 200mL 5000mL
Hold-up Volume < 10μL < 50μL < 100μL < 200μL < 350μL
Inlet Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock  Both inlet and outlet is 7-13mm stepped hose barb connection with 6:100 Luer slip
Outlet Male luer slip Male luer slip Male luer slip Male luer slip
Flow Direction Flow should enter from the inlet Both is fine
Maximum Operating Temperature 60°C
Sterilization Gamma Irradiation
Endotoxin ≦0.25 EU/ML

Instruction Drawing
syringe filters analysis chart
Ordering Information
Item Code Pore Size(μm) Diameter(mm) Sterile Pre-filter Quantity/pk
SLPP0410S 0.10 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP0422S 0.22 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP0445S 0.45 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP0465S 0.65 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP0480S 0.80 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP04100S 1.0 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP04300S 3.0 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP04500S 5.0 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP041000S 10.0 4 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP1310S 0.10 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP1322S 0.22 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP1345S 0.45 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP1365S 0.65 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP1380S 0.80 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP13100S 1.0 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP13300S 3.0 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP13500S 5.0 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP131000S 10.0 13 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP2510S 0.10 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP2522S 0.22 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP2545S 0.45 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP2565S 0.65 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP2580S 0.80 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP25100S 1.0 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP25300S 3.0 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP25500S 5.0 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP251000S 10.0 25 Yes No 100pcs
SLPP3310S 0.10 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLPP3322S 0.22 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLPP3345S 0.45 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLPP3365S 0.65 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLPP3380S 0.80 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLPP33100S 1.0 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLPP33300S 3.0 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLPP33500S 5.0 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLPP331000S 10.0 33 Yes No 50pcs
SLPP5010S 0.10 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLPP5022S 0.22 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLPP5045S 0.45 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLPP5065S 0.65 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLPP5080S 0.80 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLPP50100S 1.0 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLPP50300S 3.0 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLPP50500S 5.0 50 Yes No 25pcs
SLPP501000S 10.0 50 Yes No 25pcs