://Three Syringe Filters Features and Applications

Three Syringe Filters Features and Applications

Cellulose acetate (CA) syringe filters

Features: Cellulose acetate (CA) syringe filter has good hydrophilicity, low protein adsorption, and no nitrate.
(1) groundwater filtration;
(2) biological and clinical liquid filtration.

Mixed cellulose (MCE) syringe filters

Features: Mixed cellulose (MCE) syringe filter has good hydrophilicity, high porosity and filtration speed, uniform pore size, ultra-low adsorption, and low filtration resistance.
(1) Sterilization and particle removal in the laboratory and small test process;
(2) Sterilization filtration of culture medium and culture solution;
(3) Determination of bacterial flora in water.

Polyethersulfone (PES) syringe filters

Features: wide chemical compatibility, excellent hydrophilicity, suitable for high-throughput, high-efficiency filtration, low protein adsorption.
(1) Filtration of pharmaceuticals and biological products;
(2) Filtration of ultrapure water, filtration of chemical raw materials;
(3) Filtration of beer, beverages, mineral water, etc.

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