WINSTAR Series Disposable Syringe Filter

WINSTAR Series syringe filter with color code design and higher maximum operating pressure of 6.2bar and faster filtration. The filter structure of standard female Luer lock and male Luer slip fittings. Make easy use of HPLC syringe injection available by the most commonly used material and size. Material available by extremely low HPLC extractable filter media(Nylon, PTFE, PES, PVDF, Hydrophilic PTFEand Hydrophilic PVDF). So, WINSTAR Series Disposable Syringe Filter have Nylon syringe filter, PTFE syringe filter, PES syringe filter, PVDF syringe filter, Hydrophilic PTFE syringe filter  and Hydrophilic PVDF syringe filter.

WINSTAR Series Disposable Syringe Filter with special advantage of bulk production shared lower cost and price suitable for any customer need also with excellent filtration efficiency.

Color Coding of WINSTAR Series Disposable Dyringe Filter
Color Filter Media Pore Size/μm
Blue PES 0.45
Yellow PES 0.22
White Nylon 0.45
Green Nylon 0.22
Orange Hydrophobic PTFE 0.45
Purple Hydrophobic PTFE 0.22
Pink Hydrophilic PTFE 0.45
Golden Hydrophilic PTFE 0.22
Red Hydrophobic PVDF 0.45
Black Hydrophobic PVDF 0.22
Grey Hydrophilic PVDF 0.45
Brown Hydrophilic PVDF 0.22