0.45micron Disposable PES Syringe Filters
0.45um PES Syringe Filters
0.22 PES Syringe Filters
0.22 Disposable PES Syringe Filters

Winstar Series PES Syringe Filters

Filter Media: Hydrophilic PES
Diameter: 13mm, 25mm
Pore Size: 0.22μm, 0.45μm
Housing: Medical PP

Description of 0.45 Micron PES Syringe Filters

Hawach polyethersulfone PES syringe filters are with the membrane made from the quality manufacturers. These syringe filters are widely used in biological, chemical, electronics, medical and other fields.
Syringe filter housing is made of medical-grade PP plastic, the upper and lower parts are welded together by ultrasonic, with non-slip design, high-pressure resistance, and no product leakage problems. 0.45 micron PES syringe filter material strong hydrophilicity, narrow pore distribution and precise pore size, low protein adsorption has good permeability, no pollution to the sample, small resistance, fast filtration, and good chemical resistance. PES syringe filter 0.22um has a very good effect on the filtration and clarification of samples.

PES syringe filters 0.22um is yellow color, and 0.45 um port size is blue. As a well-known PES syringe filter manufacturers, Hawach has the most complete varieties and sizes. A larger membrane surface area improves flow rate and throughput. It also reduces the pressure required to empty the syringe, making it easier to filter the solution. PES syringe filter 0.22um membrane has the characteristics of fast and low protein adsorption. Suitable for use in sterilizing and filtering protein solutions, tissue culture media, and additives. Unlike sterile polyethersulfone(PES) syringe filter, disposable 0.45 micron PES syringe filter is non-sterile.

Features of 0.45 Micron PES Syringe Filters
•Wide pH range (1-14)
•Fast and low protein adsorption
•Female Luer-Lock inlet and male Luer slip outlet
•PES syringe filter manufacturers color-coded design make easier for identification

Advantages of PES Syringe Filter 0.22um

•HPLC solutions
•Sample preparation of protein-based
•High throughput, low binding filter
•0.45 micron PES syringe filter units for sterile aqueous filtrations
•Sample preparation of aqueous solutions
•Sterilize biological fluids, serum or tissue culture media additives
•Sterilizing and filtering protein solutions, additives, and tissue culture media
Technical Data
Filter Media Hydrophilic PES
Pore Size 0.22μm 0.45μm
Diameter 13mm 25mm
Housing Medical PP Medical PP
Bubble Point 0.43Mpa 0.32Mpa
Filtration Area 1.0cm2 4.3cm2
Maximum Operating Pressure 6.2bar 6.2bar
Process Volume 10mL 100mL
Hold-up Volume < 25μL < 100μL
Inlet Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock
Outlet Male Luer Unlock Male Luer Unlock
Flow Direction Flow should enter from the inlet
Maximum Operating Temperature 60℃
Sterilization Autoclave at 121℃ at 1 bar for 20 minutes/EO/Gamma

Ordering Information
Item Code Pore Size(μm) Diameter(mm) Sterile Quantity/pk
WPES1322N 0.22 13 No 100pcs
WPES1345N 0.45 13 No 100pcs
WPES2522N 0.22 25 No 100pcs
WPES2545N 0.45 25 No 100pcs